Sunday, July 17, 2011

Twin Dragon


Greetings gentle readers!

I am back with a review of what I feel is the best Chinese restaurant I have tried in Misawa!

Twin Dragon has an extensive menu of traditional Chinese cuisine. This cafĂ© –like restaurant  has a calm atmosphere and a nice lunch menu (shown below) which comes with dessert  (they gave us  plum ice cream with tea).

266751_2242208057399_1314019772_2618927_5430801_oma po tofu (sauteed pork meat in spicy sauce)

Set D was a favorite dish of mine: ma po tofu. It was slightly salty but still very good.


The stir-fried shrimp and vegetables is a fresh and light flavored lunch but still leaves you satisfied.

Overall, I was quite pleased with Twin Dragon and hope to return to try their dinner menu.

It is located on White Pole Road on the left hand side before you get to Nakai. It is also shares the building with a sushi restaurant.

Hours: lunch: 1100-1430 (last call 1400)

    dinner: 1700-2030 (last call 2000)

    phone: 0176-53-1225

Edit: It is with regret that I must say Twin Dragon is no longer in business Sad smile