Sunday, February 20, 2011




Jasmine restaurant is located on base in the JSDF area building 145.  When you walk into the building, the cleaners are to your right and to your left is a shop for military clothing. If you keep going straight (toward your left) there is Jasmine restaurant.

They have several dishes here (all Chinese cuisine.) There are pictures of all the dishes on the wall with numbers. You order from the machine (yen only) and take your ticket to the counter. They give you a number and you sit down and wait for it to be called (usually in Japanese).

The prices are very reasonable and it is a great place to get lunch (especially if you don’t feel like going off base or just tired of food from the food court). The restaurant is open from 11-4 and 4:30-7pm.



The atmosphere is like a small cafeteria with restaurant seating. 175873_1860136465848_1314019772_2139007_8185743_o176013_1860134785806_1314019772_2138992_5279214_o

I had the ginger pork, it was really delicious!



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