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We took a leisurely ride up to Hakkoda to see the fall colors. We also stopped at a few sites on the way.

The first site was Dozono Chaya. It is a rest stop/restaurant/giftshop/ memorial/museum. We got some really delicious mochi-type thing here… and then we went back to buy more because it was so good!


DSC_3578_DxO  DSC_3587_DxODSC_3610_DxO


The building also has a small museum which you can view for ¥200. I’m not quite sure of the specifics but something to do with Japanese soldiers walking through Hakkoda in the snow. That is also what the memorial behind the rest stop is for as well.

DSC_3607_DxO  DSC_3598_DxO


Next stop was “Legendary Tea.” Being a tea enthusiast myself, this sounded intriguing and I couldn’t wait to try it. The legend is as follows “drink one cup and increase your life by 3 years, drink 2 cups and increase your life by 3 more years, and drink 3 cups you will live as long as possible.”


DSC_3629_DxO The tea is actually free of charge when you drink it here.  You wash your cup in the fountain and pour the tea from either one of the pots using a wooden ladle. Please wash your cup again when finished. 

Naturally, I drank three cups out here. I also went inside to buy a snack (konyaku) It was pretty good! We had another cup of tea here.


The shop also sells the tea leaves used to make legendary tea for ¥300 for 10 grams.

Next stop was Jigokunuma or “Hell” Swamp. This swamp is a crater lake produced by the eruption of Mt. Hakkoda that occurred in its last phase of volcanic activity. Every minute 2,700 liters of strongly acidic, 90°C water comes out of the bottom of the swamp.


The next stop was Suirennuma Pond. By this time it looked like it was about to storm heavily.


Our final stop was in front of Sarukura Spa Resort. They had a lovely stream.


Fall is a popular time for people to go through Hakkoda and enjoy the fall colors. I really enjoyed seeing all the beauty of autumn in Aomori . If you haven’t gone to Hakkoda in the fall I recommend it!

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