Saturday, January 21, 2012



     We took the train from Misawa to Aomori last weekend with some friends. Our first stop was ASPAM (Aomori Prefectural Center for Tourism and Industry) it is a 14 story triangular building and is  tourist center for Aomori prefecture. It has an observation deck at the 13th floor and many souvenir shops.


We were lucky that day because they had a free half hour concert to enjoy and as we were about to leave we found this mascot. It was really entertaining. You can read about him and his other mascot friends here.

On the 14th floor there is a great restaurant with a panoramic view of Aomori. The meal prices were not bad either! (Note: we did go in the afternoon, I’m not sure if they have a different menu for dinner).

DSC_5943DSC_5936DSC_5953DSC_5955DSC_5956 For some reason the only menu that was in English was the drink menu.


After eating at the restaurant we felt no need to go to the 13th floor. I hope to go again and sit at one of the bar style tables that face a window!

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