Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Misawa Tour

I'm adding a little extra to this post. These are the places we went to on the Misawa tour, but we also went back to one place: The Tonami Clan Park which includes the House of 69 herbs, Kureba Park and Forerunner's Memorial Hall.

The first place we went to was the Buddhist Temple.
Outside the temple. Would have been a better shot without that stupid car.

A statue of Buddha

family grave
The family graves are very expensive. The cremated remains of family member are placed inside this large structure. There were many of these outside the temple.

This was on the ceiling. Made from real gold. 
Buddha's feet!
You can rent a shrine for your family. The higher they are, the cheaper. 

The next part of the tour was the Tonami Clan Park. We went to the "Samurai House" or "House of 69 Herbs." This is a replica of a traditional style Japanese house with really large, lifelike manicans showing what life was like back in the day. 
Home is where you hang your hat!
Two servants eating

a maid reaching for something

In  1872, Yasuto Hirosawa, a samurai warrior of the former Aizu Clan (later Tonami Clan), came to the area, cultivated it, and established the first Western-style ranch in Japan in the Yachigashira district of Misawa City, which at the time, was a small out-of-the-way village. Hirosawa hired two Britons and imported stud horses and bulls from the western world to breed with the local Japanese livestock. He made significant contributions to the improvement of the Japan-bred livestock quality, building the foundation of a modern Japanese lifestock management, and raising the level of local agricultural production. A museum stands in honor of Hirosawa, displaying valuable litereature he wrote, materials and farming equipment used in the old days. Other facilities are; petting zoo, mini golf, battery operated car ride, snack stand, etc. Several events are held throught the year for community participation. (The Tohoku Traveler)

Hours: 9:00am-5:00pm (Apr.-Oct.)
           9:00am-4:00pm (Nov-Mar)
           Closed Mondays Closed 29 Dec-3 Jan.

Admission: Outdoor facilities free
Museum: 50-100yen
Rides: 100-300yen


Go out the Main Gate and turn left at the first stoplight.
Follow this road 3.2km and turn left at the 4th stoplight. There is a lumber mill at this intersection. (Note: the 2nd stoplight is POL road, and the 3rd stoplight goes to Misawa Airport).
Travel 12.2 km and Tonami Clan Park will be on the left. Turn left at the green and white sign to enter the parking lot. 

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