Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Shuji Teryama Memorial Museum

Shuji Teryama Museum
We stumbled upon this little gem while we were just driving around one day in Misawa. We had no idea what it was but were intrigued by the large mask in front of the museum. Was this an art museum? I didn't know. We went in, paid the 300 yen and took a look around and were very surprised at what we saw.

The intriguing mask
Front door to the museum. That's me twirling my "mustache " lol

As it turns out, Shuji Terayama (1935-1983) was originally from Misawa, Japan and was a poet, novelist, drama director, theater manager, playwritght, screen writer, movie director, and literary critic. He received the Broadcasting Festival Award, Italian Grand Prix Award, Ministry of Education Art Award, Benalamadena Movie Festival Special Award and Art Festival Grand Award. 

It seemed like the museum was mostly devoted to his movies. (Which I can only describe as Alfred Hitchcock and Tim Burton melding their minds together in some long drug induced trip involving opium and acid. But hey, he did his prime stuff in the '60s, an era very dedicated to experimenting with mind altering drugs while doing artsy stuff. They never mentioned drugs, though. He COULD just have a very artistic and twisted mind. I did see a lot of French elements in his films). 
Joining the cast of one of Shuji Terayama's avant garde movies.

I was not allowed to take pictures inside the museum, but I did here. It seems as though I had joined the cast of one of his films. I had never heard of Shuji Terayama until this point and immediately went home and watched one of his films on YouTube. I still don't understand it but if you would like to watch it, I say go give it a try, especially if you are an enthusiast of the surreal.

If you leave the museum through the back door, there is a really beautiful path in the woods. There is where Shuji Terayama's Memorial is. I am still unsure of whether his remains are there or not. I feel that though it is a peaceful place to have for your final resting place, it is rather lonely. How very Edgar Allen Poe of him. 

On my way to see the memorial 

There is a beautiful view of Lake Ogawara right before you get to the Memorial.

The Shuji Terayama Memorial. I think the dog has something to do with one of his movies. He is reading one of his poem's.

The poem reads:
From now on
I will become one voice with you,
singing about all those days we have lost.

Planting a single sunflower seed
on a barren land,
I already call it my virgin field.

In a flash of a moment that my match is struck,
I see an ocean through the thick fog.
is there a country for which I could give my life?

Well, I hope you enjoyed this! Directions coming soon! There are signs for it if you are going toward Misawa Citizen's Forest Park. (The white signs with Miss Veedol).

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    I am going to visit this museum on May, may I know how did you access this place? It seems that no bus can reach there now...