Saturday, September 11, 2010

Korakukan Theater

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Korakukan Theater in Akita


Korakukan Theater is located in Akita, Japan. We took a tour here on a bus so I don’t have any directions. (I slept  the whole way there!)We got a backstage tour and got to go below the stage to see how things worked. There is a manual device below that turns the stage around. Also, there is a place for an actor to drop down or rise from the bottom of the stage. device under the stage that turns it

a great shot!Now so me of you may  not know what Kabuki is and some of you  may have preconceived notions that it is boring. It definitely isn’t boring! There were two parts to the show. The first part was a very touching story and even though my knowledge of Japanese is limited and I didn’t have a translation, (though our tour guide gave us an outline) it made me  teary eyed! (We were not allowed to take pictures for the first half)

one of my favorite dancers

The second part of the show was all dancing. The music was a lot more “modern” than I expected and there were a lot of dress changes! Many times a male would play a lead female part in the dance routine.

At the end of the show, we shook hands with all the actors, took pictures and got autographs. It was definitely worth doing and something I really wanted to do when I got to Japan. Another one to cross off the list!

one of the many costumes

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