Sunday, September 26, 2010

Misawa Air Show 2010

September 19, 2010 was the Misawa Air Show and 100,000 people showed up!  I volunteered for a few things here so it was a busy time for  me! I baked 12 plain devil’s food cakes for some organization that I cannot remember. Cakes and pizza are two of the biggest sellers at the Air Show. It is one of the only times the Japanese citizens have an opportunity to go on base and eat American food.
I also made a poster for 35MOS. They were selling turkey legs! They looked delicious! Turkey Legs from 35MOS
Poster for 35MOS

I also volunteered at the JAFC booth. (Japanese International Friendship Club). We sold cakes, doughnuts, candy bars and drinks. They had made 100 cakes and we sold out! And one man bought 30 Hershey’s bars! And  how could he not with salespeople like us!JAFC
Around 3pm it started raining pretty hard and everyone left. All in all, I had a great time at the Air Show even though I didn’t have a chance to walk around.


  1. Nice to see so many of us online sharing our Misawa experiences.

    The Misawa Air Fest was fun, and it seemed like the rain waited until the end of the show. Just in time.

    Thanks for sharing, and please, keep blogging.
    Captain Darrick Lee
    Chief of Public Affairs
    35th Fighter Wing