Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ho-Oh Ramen (Phoenix)



Ho-Oh Ramen is located in Oirase Town just before entering Towada. We have passed by the sign for this Ramen-ya many times but never tried it because it was so close to our favorite Ramen restaurant, Shanghai-Ryu (Dragon). Today we planned on going to Shanghai Ryu, but it was closed. We remembered Ho-Oh was not far (literally around the corner.) We decided to try it. 195010_1915420407912_1314019772_2225576_6717151_o

Upon entering we were greeted with a manly chorus of “Irrashaimase!” Which, I thought was lovely. The entire building is red and black, inside and out. I found it very chic.



Ho-Oh is celebrating their 7 year anniversary right now and have a special ramen on the menu to commemorate it. We ended up getting a pork base soup ramen, which was a bit heavier, and my favorite, a salt ramen.


I can honestly say Ho-Oh is one of the better ramen shops in the area.


Directions: From P.O.L Gate: go straight past Universe, Cake House, and the Pachinko Parlor that looks like a log cabin. You will hit a red light.  You will see a sign for Ho-Oh and Universe on your left. Take a left at the light (you will also see Shanghai Ryu at the light). Ho-Oh will be on your right.


  1. I left Misawa in 2010. This was my absolute faviorite Ramen Shop!!! Nothing could beat the Special Spicy ramen! Which it really is not that spicy unles you order the other 2 levels. They also have a unique ramen that is tomato based. However, that is seasonal. After this, I would say the rib ramen at The Sopporo Ramen shop was my next fav. Thanks - Rachel