Thursday, April 14, 2011

Uotami Misawa


Uotami Misawa opened up a few months ago outside the main gate in American Park. I first thought it was a sushi restaurant, but it is actually an izakaya style.

We had a big party so the menu was basically decided for us by some of our friends. We had everything from nabe to hot dogs and French fries.




Uotami has a great atmosphere. There are sliding doors to individual rooms which can be expanded for parties. The seats are Japanese style, but instead of crossing your legs or kneeling, there is a space under the table so you can sit upright. (My favorite dining style, really.)  I felt the food was decent but a little pricey. Then again, we didn’t order a la carte since we just let our native friends do the planning.

Izakaya style dining is really great with beer! So grab some friends and try out Uotami!

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