Thursday, April 28, 2011

Japanese Restaurant Marumatsu




Marumatsu is a restaurant we found in Towada which offers a variety of Japanese food. It is somewhat similar to Coco’s (The seating and ordering style is similar and it has a drink bar for 294 yen) but the food is more of an izakaya style. Menu items include soba, udon, curry, sushi, tempura, beef plates and desserts.

Also, if you like tea, the drink bar has a lot of different teas to try!



DSC07335I got an udon set, which I think was great. Next time I’ll try a different side order for the set. (The tempura looked great!)DSC07336This curry was really good too!

DSC07337And of course we couldn’t leave without having dessert. The little bowl on the right has matcha tea, red bean past, mochi and whipped cream. It was only 189 yen and tasted fantastic!


Marumatsu does not have an English menu, but there are pictures of everything on the menu so you just have to point!

Directions:  from POL gate, go straight all the way to  Towada. You will pass Happy Drug. After Happy Drug is a plaza with Hard Off/Off house, K’s Denki and Homac. Marumatsu is in the same plaza across from the Men’s suit store (which is next to Homac).

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