Thursday, April 14, 2011

Takumiya Misawa



We decided this weekend that it is time to try out some new restaurants again! So look forward to more posts!

Sunday night we tried Takumiya, a ramen shop in Misawa. We heard good things about it from some friends so decided to try it out.




Takumiya’s specialty is this “spicy” pork ramen with cartilage pictured above. I forget what the exact name is for this dish, but the menu claims they have limited quantities. It didn’t exactly taste spicy though, just a little salty.

209548_1975925200494_1314019772_2306972_7005500_o And here is my dish, basic salt ramen with sesame seeds. It was a little heavier than other ramen shops.


220568_1975924520477_1314019772_2306970_7098099_o My favorite part of the meal was their shrimp gyoza! I thought it was fantastic!


Directions: From POL gate, go straight passing three lights. After the third light, Takumiya ramen is on the right after Workman.

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