Sunday, April 24, 2011

Café Omiya (Pizza and Curry Grill)


Café Omiya (also known as ‘Pizza Curry’) is a little hole in the wall restaurant located at the end of white pole road.  The food here is great and filling! I had the pork cutlet curry and pizza toast.


Café Omiya’s menu consists (naturally) of pizza and curry. You can also get donburi, salads and sandwiches. You can choose how hot you would like your curry and they also have a few sets that include curry with pizza toast, beer or a soft drink.


You can see Café Omiya across from Max Value Supermarket at the end of White Pole road. The restaurant is on the second floor above Le Monde. Also, a fair warning to those of you who are afraid of heights or have leg problems… you must climb some steep steps to get to the end of this pizza curry rainbow!

Café Omiya hours

Closed Tuesdays and Japanese Holidays

normal hours: 1100-2100

Sundays: 1100-2000

Telephone: 0176-53-4777


  1. It's still there! Hooray! I was there in 1984-1986 and it was my favorite curry hanging out place.

  2. yes! It is quite popular and delicious!