Saturday, February 18, 2012

Misawa Ice Arena


The Misawa Skating rink is open daily from 0900-1600. There are skates available to rent. You can also bring your own skates (non-racing only).



You can purchase the ticket you need at the machine here. Each button has an English translation. Please remember to wear gloves, they are required in the arena. DSC_6070DSC_6071DSC_6072Helmets are also available for you and your children’s protection. If you need knee-pads or other safety equipment, please bring your own. Please be sure to skate in the right direction.




The Misawa Ice Arena is very large. This was my first time ice skating and am proud to say I didn’t fall once! I think this will be a great place to cool off during those humid summer months.

Directions: From the Main Gate take a left. Take your first right and keep going straight until you get to a T. (there should be a Lawson's on your right). Take a right and you will pass Super Drug Asahi and Universe will be on your left. At the end of the Universe parking lot there is a traffic light, take a left here. You will pass Universe and Homac on your left now. Go through two lights. After the second light take a left. If you pass the building with the big yellow sign, you have gone too far. At the end of that street take a right. The ice rink will be on your right.

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  1. I strongly doubt people are looking this up right now. However, for those who may just be arriving (I have been here 3 action packed and interesting years now), The Misawa Ice Arena closes on May 6th (4 days before the Olympic torch lighting ceremony in Greece...) and re-opens around August 1st. The open and close dates seem to vary by year. In 2011 (last year) It was closed on 11 March, just after the Earthquake and Tsunami, and re-opened (To the best of my knowledge) on the 1st of September.

    Ice Skating has proven to be quite exciting and is an excellent work out. If you get the time, go check out the ice rink and give it a try. If you have roller bladed in the past, then ice Skating will come more easily to you. However, Ice skates are surprisingly fickle things so if you wish to get into it, I advise buying your own pair because the rentals offer no ankle support at all.