Saturday, March 10, 2012

Nabe & Soup Cooking Festival Contest


Nabe & Soup Cooking Festival Contest

February 25th the Misawa International Center held a Nabe Cooking Festival contest. I was recruited for one of the teams. It was a great experience! There were five teams all together. We made nabe (hot pot) dishes with Japanese and American elements.  We began by going on stage, introducing our  team and describing our nabe.



Next, some team members went to the judging station and served the soup to the eleven judges. The rest of the team members were out serving the audience samples of our creation


Afterwards, Ringo Musume (an all girl’s group from Aomori….like the local AKB48) performed on stage.



Finally all teams joined the stage and the winner was announced. This year the grand prize went to the Misawa Bulls. The prize was ¥5,000 worth of Aomori beef to each contestant. Everyone went home a winner though, all teams were also given assorted sausages, local vegetables and live hokki clams.



The recipes from each team will soon be available in both English and Japanese for you to try at home.


This was a great experience and I’m sure all who attended were grateful to have a hot cup of soup on such a cold day.



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