Saturday, August 4, 2012

Tanesashi Beach Coastline Festival



Tanesashi Beach in Hachinohe is a beautiful grassy beach located in Hachinohe. We had our first visit here during their coastline festival. There were pony rides, a juggler, bon dancing, several Japanese musicians, a kite coloring contest and more!

The beauty of this beach is very popular among the Japanese and I’m sure it will be a favorite for you too!



Directions: (Thanks to Misawa Life) Approximate travel time is about 50 minutes.
Take the toll road or route 45 to the Hachinohe exit. Make a right at the stoplight and travel towards downtown Hachinohe. You will go about 4 km before you see the Ferry Wharf exit (stay in the left lane). Go down the ramp and make a left, there will be a gas station on the left. Travel down this road about 5-6 km and stay in the left lane. The road will split and you want to stay in the left lane. After the split you will travel through a small tunnel and over a small bridge. After the bridge get in the right lane. The Ferry Wharf (large boats will be in front of you at the stoplight) make a right at the stoplight and travel over two very large bridges (you will get a great view of the coastline). At the first stoplight after the two bridges make a left turn. Immediately following this make a right turn (Shell Gas Station on the right). You be traveling down this road for about 4 km. Before you get to Kabushima Shrine (it will be directly in front of you make a right turn down the small alley and an immediate left turn. This will get you on the road that takes you in front of the big blue building (Hachinohe Marine and Science Museum). This is a winding almost one lane road for about a kilometer. It will take a strange turn up the hill and you will be forced to either go left or right, go LEFT. Drive up the hill and you will see signs for the Hachinohe Seagull View Hotel. Keep going straight on this road until you see the sign for Shirahama Swimming Beach. Make a left turn to drive along the beach and at the end of the beach you must make a right up the hill to the stoplight. Make a left at the stoplight and travel straight for another 6 km (there is a sign in English that reads "Tanesashi Beach". You will pass a gas station on the left and cross a set of train tracks right before you see a long stretch of grasslands and the beautiful ocean. There is parking available on both sides of the road.

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