Saturday, August 4, 2012

Café Fuku


We often pass Café Fuku on our way to Towada and have always wanted to drop in, so we did ! The seating style is mostly Japanese but I love that the seats on the floor have backs to them. I find that very American friendly.

This café’s specialty is soba noodles (cold or hot). At certain times during the day, I believe you can go to the building next door and either watch or help soba noodles being made!

A free service here is inari filled with not only rice but soba noodles as well. Everything here is delicious!

The menu is in Japanese so I advise bringing someone who can read Japanese, or if you know common soba dishes’ names you can probably ask for it and they most likely will have it.



Directions: From POL gate, go straight all the way into Towada (Route 10). Café Fuku is on a hill on your right. You will see a sign peeking out from a hill. I will have to get back to you on the approximate distance.

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