Sunday, September 2, 2012

Myeong-Dong Korean Restaurant



Myeong-Dong Restaurant is located in Towada. Though their menu selection is limited, the food is wonderful. Once you step inside, you feel as though you have entered the home of a Korean mother. They have both western and eastern style seating.


DSC_9499Noodles and BBQ menuDSC_9500

The menu is divided into three sections, Main Dishes, Noodles and Barbeque and Snacks and Side Dishes. Two of my favorite dishes are actually on the snack menu, Ddokboggie and Hotteok. I highly recommend them! Along with the dishes, this restaurant serves Korean beverages as well.Non-alcoholic=  Sikhye (traditional sweet rice bevarage), cinnamon juice, Korean Cider (soda) and Alcoholic = Makgeolli (milky, sweet alcoholic bevarage made from rice), flavored makgeolli, black bean makgeolli, pear makgeolli and soju.


Directions: From POL gate go straight following Route 10 into Towada. Bear left at the fork in the road and take a left onto route 45. 45 turns into 145 and the restaurant is on your right.

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