Sunday, September 2, 2012

Kawayo Green Farm


If you are looking for a nice restaurant for an anniversary, birthday,Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. try Kawayo Green Farm. As the name suggests, Kawayo Green Farm located on a farm which not only has a farm, but a Youth Hostel, Information/Gift Shoppe, Golf Course and is a popular place for wedding receptions. Prices on meals vary depending on what you order (sets start at around ¥1,360 up to ¥8,000. You can also get “light meals” for cheaper. )




After lunch, we took  leisurely stroll on the farm grounds.




Directions: Go straight out the POL gate. After Universe you will see a Lawson’s on your right and after the Lawson’s is a sign for Kawayo Green Farm. Keep going straight under the overpass. Take a left at the traffic light (you will see Shanghai Ryu on the corner. When you take the left, Ho-Oh (Phoenix) Ramen will be on your right. Keep going down this street. You will come to a fork in the road and there will be train tracks in front of you. Bear left. Kawayo Green Farm is on your left.

Hours: Lunch: 1130-1430 (last order 1430)

            Dinner: 1700-2100 (last order 2030)

Telephone: 0178-56-3981


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