Monday, August 16, 2010

Shanghai Ryu and other Ramen-ya

Shanghai Ryu
We went to Towada Friday and Saturday and both times we decided to stop at a Ramen restaurant. (two different restaurants). The first one is called Shanghai Ryu 40537_1573109650357_1314019772_1543717_3737187_nChinese Restaurant. They have mostly ramen and a few other dishes. Ramen is considered Chinese because they use Chinese noodles. Don’t be fooled by the outside of the building. Looking inside from the outside it doesn’t look like a great place to eat but once you are inside, it really has a nice atmosphere. They have seats at the bar, tables, and tatami sections. The ramen here is very good too!   
white dragon ramen from shanghai ryusalt ramen from shanghai ryu
The next Ramen shop I unfortunately don’t know the name. It is along route 10 (as is Shanghai Ryu) and next to a Lawson’s. the ramen shop next to Lawson'sThe menus are all in Japanese. I was lucky enough to go with someone who could read Kanji. I didn’t ask if they had an English menu so I don’t know if they have one or not. This place was really small, regular tables and seats at the bar. The walls are just plywood, but don’t be fooled, the ramen here is really good as well!    salt ramen
soy sauce ramen

Directions to the ramen shops from POL gate: go straight  toward Towada City. You will see Shanghai Ryu first on your left (about 10-15km) and the other shop is after it  on the left next to a Lawson’s. A long blue building is behind it (I think they have batting cages there). 

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  1. Ok, just a note, Shanghai Ryu is hands down my favorite Ramenya!