Saturday, August 14, 2010

Nebuta Festival

The Nebuta Festival is in Aomori City. We made the mistake of going on the very LAST day of the festival so it was extremely crowded! Not only the festival was crowded but we went there by train and it filled up FAST! We went home on the speed train and it
My first train ride in Japan!                         the very crowded train...   
was much more comfortable. (less people, air conditioned, personal seats). The floats went by but I couldn’t see anything because there were so many people. BUT afterward they did have them on display so I could at least see them! One of my favorite floats at the festivalI felt like I didn’t do much at the festival, I spent most of my time waiting in line for the restroom. (which was inside the triangle building). the long line to the restroomWe had some fried chicken and chicken skin and that was a bit of a mistake on my part. Waaay too greasy for my weak stomach. Well, lesson learned. I do love festival food though, it seemed they lacked variety at this one , but  we did only stop at one food stand. (I didn’t see too many.) Of course, there was a spectacular fireworks display as well. the spectacular fireworks displayWe went on Saturday and I heard that on Tuesday evening it was not as crowded. Next time we’ll go earlier. If you want to beat the crowd for a festival, go early in the week! That’s all for this post. Ja-ne! The JAFC gang

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