Wednesday, August 11, 2010


One of the best things about living in Japan is all the ramen shops! I love love l-o-o-v-e noodles! Here are three good ramen restaurants I've been to in Misawa.

Ramen with a set
Gyoza at the black ramen house. It is so good!
salt ramen with vegetables
side order of rice with seaweed and pork
The first Ramen shop I don't know the name. It is a large black building in the same plaza as Docomo and it has a yellow sign with red kanji lettering. I

just call it the black ramen shop. This shop is a chain and they have one in Towada city as well.

This was the first time we had ramen. I like this place because you can choose a soup base (salt, miso or soy) and  whatever fillings you want (vegetable/pork etc) and you can have a set to go along with it (gyoza and pork bowl). 
Miso ramen with pork

Directions to black ramen house: from POL gate go straight through 3 traffic lights. After the third traffic light there will be a white building with pink letters that says "Docomo" in that same plaza is the black ramen house
pork ramen from Sapporo
The next Ramenya is my favorite. It is called Sapporo. It is a really small restaurant but the portions are huge and quality is excellent! You can order takeout from here too, but you need to bring your own container. How convenient! I will bring my own container next time, I always have a tough time finishing ramen because the portions are so big! There were three ladies cooking here and there is a bar and a section to sit down (shoes off, Japanese style). 

Directions to Sapporo: (from Misawa Life) Exit the POL gate and continue going straight thru about 4 lights. You will be looking for the Lawson's on the right and the ramen shop will be on the left. If you make it to the Universe Market you have gone to far. 
Even vegetable ramen comes with meat!

Raumen Yumeya

The last ramen shop we went to is called Yumeya. It is right next to Vikings and is hard to miss because their logo is a cat with balls and he is flexing. It is smaller than black ramen house but bigger than Sapporo. They also have a place to sit Japanese style. They also have regular tables and stools at the bar. You can have ramen here and they also have rice bowls. Here's a quick look at the menu.

Directions to Yumeya: From POL gate take a left at the first stoplight. Yumeya should be on your third left. You will see the sign.

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