Sunday, August 1, 2010

Seiryu-ji Temple: aka: The Big Buddha in Aomori

I cannot even describe in words how much I loved Seiryu-ji Temple. The area is full of lush and ancient trees and the architecture of the buildings is simply gorgeous in a very traditional Japanese Buddhist style. It is nearly impossible not to feel peaceful here!

Seiryu-ji is a relatively new Buddhist temple founded by a priest named Ryuko Oda in 1982. The temple was built on the priest Ryuki's belief: "A temple itself preaches to us in a silent manner." I couldn't agree with him more.

Showa Buddha
Seiryu-ji consists of Showa Daibutsu (Showa the great Statue of Buddha). Kondo (main hall of Seiryu-ji temple), Five Storied Pagoda, Kaizando (founder's hall), Dai Shoin (larger shoin style traditional Japanese architecture), and Daishidi-do (Kobo Daishi's hall).

Daishido- The vermillion hall which enshrines Kobo-Dashi
Underneath the big Buddha, you can go inside the building and there are many paintings, pictures, statues and sections to worship. You can go up the stairs and see inside the Buddha and even see his foot! It was a great experience.
One of the many paintings with proverbs inside the big Buddha. This one says: "A human being cannot attain happiness alone. Happiness springs from the relationship between one person and another. "

The Five Storied Pagoda

One of the pinwheels in the green corridor. The pinwheels are for unborn children. I guess the food there is as well.

Directions to Seiryu-ji

From the main gate, take a right at City Hall. Take a right at the 5th light onto Route 8. Take a left at the first light and continue on Route 8 (You will pass the post office). Continue on Route 8, you will be next to the train tracks, pass through Kogawara town and Ottomo. (30km). Follow 8 then take a right at the light and merge onto Route 4. Stay on Route 4 for about 30 km. Go into Aomori and take a left from Route 4 onto Route 44. Turn right onto 44. Turn left at 1.2 km. Take another left into the parking lot. 


  1. Hi Christi, I'm happy to have stumbled upon this nice blog.
    I enjoy editing articles in Wikipedia and I edited Seiryuji ( yesterday. I changed the title from Seiryū-ji to Seiryūji, because I think it's more natural, like judo or kendo no no longer needs a macron. I'd be glad if you give me your opinion.


  2. Hello Sateros!

    Thank you for reading my blog! I am not an expert on Romanji so I really don't have an opinion on how to write Seiryūji. I just copied it from the brochure I was given.


  3. I feel terribly sorry for having written that, because your place was very close to the disaster-stricken area, which I noticed later. I feel really relieved that you were safe. I'm sure everything would be as it used to be, may be in 5 or 6 years. I reverted from Seiryuji to Seiryu-ji becasue the latter (with hyphen) seems still more common concerning temples.
    Personally, I have visted the temple several times and every time I was there I felt as if I were in a deep forest...peace and relaxed.