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Hello all. I am going to try to have the blog completely up to date by the end of the week so that I will only have to write once a week or so once I am caught up! This chapter is going to be on some places in Shimoda worthy of note.

flower display inside the bakery
On our way to one of the sites we stopped at Montagnas bakery. There is a huuuuge metal wedding cake outside so it is hard to miss! We didn't buy too much here, but they have sweets, coffee and some bread.
Montagnas in Shimoda
me, next to the giant "cake"

Next, we headed to Liberty Park. Liberty Park has a  mini Statue of Liberty which is on the same latitude line as the original in New York. It is also to scale. 

Liberty's "sister" to scale
the statue at Liberty Park
Water Mill at Liberty Park
We went to visit Liberty park the night before and it was pitch black! We read somewhere that the Statue of Liberty's "sister" was lit up at night. It definitely was NOT lit up and there were a lot of strange noises in the park at night so I do not recommend going when it is dark! But, in the daytime it is much different and needless to say, a lot more pleasant! The park has a nice walking trail and (I think) a biking trail as well. There is a tennis court and a playground for children. They also have a water mill! It was really enjoyable walking around the park and there is a rest area where you can order food and drinks.
Some beautiful yet dehydrated flowers
Another park in Shimoda is the Swan Park. During the winter thousands of swans migrate to Shimoda from Siberia for the winter. Unfortunately, it was July when we went to the park so we did not get to see the lake full of swans. However, there are two swans that have decided to "retire" in Japan and I can hardly blame them! I have pictures of both. I believe they are different breeds. 

The two swans that retired in Japan

The rare and elusive "headless swan"

Just kidding!
aerial view of the park and lake
The park also has a very nice walking trail in the forest, observation tower, playground, picnic tables and "bird watching observatory." When you walk the trail into the forest there are sections where compost is being decomposed. They are sectioned off in wooden square "pens." The forest looks very neat and tidy. there are also "stairs" leading up to a gazebo-like structure with a picnic table and many benches to take a rest. I can't wait to come back in the winter to see the lake full of swans! 

Directions to Liberty Park (taken from Misawa Life):  take the Toll road from Misawa to the Shimoda exit. When you get the stoplight after exiting the toll road make a left turn. Proceed under the bridge stay in the left lane and make a left turn at the stoplight. Travel about 1 kilometer to the next stoplight and make a right. You will follow this road all the way to Hwy 338(watch for the signs to the park). Make a left turn onto the highway (convience store on the right).

Directions to Swan Park (from Travelog) Directions: (using back road)

  1. From POL gate, go straight until you see Universe Grocery Store, make a left on this Universe intersection.
  2. Go straight, you will pass Eneos gas station on your left side and then pass Family Mart on your right side. Make a right turn when you see the Lawson Store on your right hand side. You will see the sign board, to Aeon Mall.
  3. You will drive straight and pass rice fields (7-10 minute drive from Lawson) until you see the Shimoda Mall or Jusco Mall
  4. Make a left turn on the traffic light before the traffic light intersection on going to Shimoda mall.
  5. Go straight and make a left on the T-intersection.
  6. Make a right turn when you see the Lawson Store on your right hand side.
  7. Go straight and follow the direction on the signboard "Ichou Park", you will see on your left side the statue of liberty just follow the road leading to that park.

From Shimoda Mall or Jusco: (From the front side or main road)

1. Travel out to the main road of Shimoda Mall (not on the back road.) The main road can be seen when you are coming out from the main entrance of the mall or from Mister Donut store side. Get off from the parking lot, make a left turn first and another left turn to hit  will pass Giga Outlet (on your left side) as soon as you make a left

1. make a left turn on the traffic light after you pass Giga Outlet.
the main road. 2. Follow no. 5 to 7 directions above

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