Wednesday, August 11, 2010


beef hot plate with croquettes
Coco's Restaurant in Misawa is great because they are open really late.(from 10 or 11am until 2am). I love coming here for the drink bar and dessert! Their menu is mostly American style. A lot of hot plates, pasta, and ground beef dishes. It can get a little pricey if you are here all the time but it is great to go to if you want to hang out and chat with friends. You can also use debit/credit card here or yen. I'll update with a picture of the outside of the restaurant at a later date.
icecream parfait with flower
green tea "fondant" cake

a hotplate meal with a set
green tea ice cream, mochi and coffee jelly
fruit parfait
Directions to Coco's: From the main gate, go straight and take a right at the second light (at City Office). Go through. You will go through 3 traffic lights and at the 4th light bear left. You will go through 2 more lights and directly after the second light is Coco's. (Across from McDonald's).

Cocoshe. Its like a waffle with icecream and syrup

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