Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cape Shiriyazaki and the Kandachime Horses

Many horses surrounding the lighthouse
A pretty shot of the horses and ocean
This dressed up statue was at the cliff. I'm not sure what it means.

       When I heard that there were wild horses north of Misawa I really wanted to see them! I love horses and I have never seen wild ones! If you go to Cape Shiriyazaki you can see them there from 7am-4pm, I believe. The horses are called Kandachime literally "to stand in the cold." After you see them, you can see why they are able to withstand the cold weather. They are a stout and husky breed, but look very beautiful and strong. They have been crossbred with the Tanabu and French Breton breeds. In 1995, Aomori Prefecture began a preservation program when the numbers of horses dwindled to only nine. By 2003 their numbers had increased to 27. (The Tohoku Traveller).
     They boast the horses to be "wild" but actually, they are really friendly! I wouldn't suggest trying to ride one or anything, I don't think they are that tame. So, please don't try to ride the horses! They see people quite often so they are used to humans. If you know a lot about animals I wouldn't be afraid to pet them. They actually came right up to me! But remember, NEVER stand behind a horse, always walk around in front of them first, because they will kick if they are spooked!  If you are too afraid to pet the horses, you can still just look and take pictures. I heard that it is very pretty to see them when there is snow on the ground. I really enjoyed myself at Cape Shiriyazaki, oh, and it is free!
Many of the horses moved over to this cliff to have lunch
The horses were getting stung continuously by some nasty hornets! This pony is hiding from them under his mommy.

Here are some directions to Cape Shiriyazaki: Go out the main gate and turn left at the first stoplight. Follow this road 5.4km to the 7th stoplight and turn left on Route 338, direction Mutsu. Follow Route 338 for approximately 74km and turn right onto route 248, direction Sheriazaki. After approximately 14.5km, turn left onto Route 172 Follow Route 172 for 3.1km and turn right. This will take you along the northern coast and past a large mill/ dock. Turn left after 8.1km to enter Kandachime Horse Reserve.

They're friendly!

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