Sunday, August 1, 2010

Beginner English: Misawa International Center

The Misawa International Center
Up until now, I have only blogged about where I have been but have done nothing about what I do. This is my second job here in Misawa at the Misawa International Center. I taught Beginner English for 3 weeks, 2 hours, 1 day a week. I took over for the other teacher who had to leave unexpectedly because of a family emergency. I had a lot of fun for those three classes! There is a two month break from August to September, I am hoping to come back in September and maybe teach more than one class if possible! This is the largest amount of students I have ever taught at once! The international Center also has classes to learn Japanese and Chinese. There are many other activities held here as well!

Beginner English
One of my students gave me this purple hydranea flower on my last day teaching the class. It really made my day!
Directions to the Misawa International Center: From the Main Gate take a left. Take your first right and keep going straight until you get to a T. (there should be a Lawson's on your right). Take a right and you will pass Super Drug Asashi and Universe will be on your left. At the end of the Universe parking lot there is a traffic light, take a left here. You will pass Universe and Homac on your left now. Go through two lights. After the second light take a left. If you pass the building with the big yellow sign, you have gone too far. At the end of that street take a right. The ice rink will be on your right and the next parking lot is for the Misawa International Center.

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