Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Yamakura restaurant

The entrance at the top of the stairs
I had passed Yamakura restaurant several times and always wanted to try it. They have pictures from their menu outside. And there was always the issue of where to park? It looks like they have a sort of "garage" that maybe 2 cars an fit in. Well, parking is across the street next to the Pachinko Parlor.  You have to go up the stairs to get to the restaurant and it is in a very traditional Japanese style. You can sit at the bar, a regular table or a tatami room The tatami room has an indent around the table so you can sit upright and don't have to kneel or cross your legs. I love this style because it is easy for me to sit but it is still in a traditional style! Their menu consists of hot and cold udon, hot and cold soba and various appetizers (meat on a stick). It was wonderful. I love ramen but I prefer udon. I was definitely happy after this meal!
view of the restaurant from the entrance
The tatami room
my delicious Udon!
Another racoon dog statue. This one sat next to me. 
 Directions: from Main gate, take a left and take your first right. Go straight through all the lights until you get to a T. There should be a Lawson's on your right. Pass Universe and the furniture store,  keep going straight past J-Boys car dealership. Jam Friend Pachinko Parlor will be on your right and the restaurant is on the left. (there are photographs of the menu posted outside). There are two parking spaces under the building and a parking lot on the other side of the street. Enjoy!

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