Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sansha Taisai Festival

Ghost float

natural shot of us at the festival
Sansha Taisai is a huge festival in Hachinohe we went on July 31st. There are many floats like the one pictured above and they actually move! They need to fold down so when they are going down the street they won't hit any wires. There is a lot of music with flutes and drums and children shouting "aray, aray, aray" which is some sort of ancient Japanese. All of the floats have a story behind them whether it is history, religon, myth or lore. The characters on the floats are often wearing beautiful kimonos!

I actually wore a yukata for this festival because I thought all my friends were going to as well! It was me and one other (caucasian) person wearing one.  It was still fun to wear a yukata. I bought mine in the children's section. hehe!

death of Nobunaga

Same float, different angle
The gang from Japanese American Friendship Club

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