Monday, August 9, 2010

Lake Ogawara Festival

pikachu tent!

To me, Lake Ogawara was one of the least impressive festivals, though I think it is great for food and there are a lot of activities for small children. You can pay to use an inflatable ball which you go inside and go on the water with it. There was also a clam digging contest, a beetle exhibition and the Power Rangers showed up! My favorite part was the Hawaian dancers. At least there was something for the adults. It was really hot out that day and there were many people at the lake (very few Americans though since it is on the opposite side of the base).
Some children playing in the inflatable balls

Someone found a lot of clams!
One of the beetles at the exhibition
So this first video is from the Beetle exhibition. For some reason, beetles are really popular for pets (for children I think..). This was a game where she had to find the real beetle in the pile of fake beetles. If she finds it she gets a monetary prize. I don't think she thought it was worth it. lol. Great reaction. Note the guy in the inflatable beetle hat lol
This second video is one of the Hawaiian dances. They danced to Hawaiian, Japanese and English songs. I thought this song was cute. Sorry about the shaking at the beginning! 

and last but not least, Power Rangers! yaaaay!

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