Monday, November 8, 2010

Pizzaria Massimo

I went to Pizzaria Massimo two weeks ago and it was awesome. Best pizza in Misawa by far! It has just opened up recently in American Park on White Pole road. Once you go in the large building, go through the “supermarket” section and it is on your right. There is a wood fired oven inside. They serve “Naples Pizza.” The atmosphere is very cozy with photos of Italy and some very Italian looking musician, I didn’t have a chance to ask who he was. You can order a pizza set (which comes with a salad) but one pizza was enough for me! With many toppings there is sure to be one for you! Here is the margherita pizza I had. It was superb! Next time you are having a craving for pizza, head over to Pizzaria Massimo! 
Here are some more pictures from Pizzaria Massimo. Also, I asked who the musician was in so many of the photos. His name is Luciano Ligubue. I checked him out on YouTube. He is like an Italian Bruce Springsteen.

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