Saturday, November 27, 2010

Karinba Chinese Restaurant

Karinba Chinese Restaurant is very popular among the Americans living in Misawa. This is probably the reason why I avoided going here for so long, but today I decided to try it.  First of all,  it is expensive and the food is not tasty. I would call it American style Chinese but even at that it doesn’t taste good. The best part of our lunch was the pickled dish! (And the ice cream, but that is pretty hard to mess up). I’m not saying that nobody should go here, (Asian tastebuds beware!) but it really isn’t my taste and needless to say, I won’t be going back. One of the dining roomsOne of the regular tables looking out the window
I hate to leave this blog on a bad note, so I will tell you one good thing about Karinba, the atmosphere is really nice.
If you would still like to try Karinba you can get there by going out the POL gate, past 4 stoplights and it will be on your left.

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