Sunday, October 3, 2010

25th Annual Beef and Garlic Festival

Ah, yes the age old pair. Beef and Garlic. Ingeniously, Takko Town created every man’s culinary fantasy and  has had a beef and garlic festival for the past 25 years. (I believe they are famous for both garlic and beef).
 Garlic Princess
We arrived greeted by “garlic scarecrows” and walked toward 229 Dome.229 Dome (ni ni kyu which sounds like beef and garlic in Japanese). If you buy tickets in advance for about 3,000 yen a piece you can get a package of beef and vegetables and grill your own there.  Unfortunately, every place that was selling the tickets in advance were sold out a week before the festival. Nevertheless, there was still a lot of food to eat and fun to be had.
There was also a “garlic spitting” competition. "Miss Beef and Garlic" giving it her best shot There were prizes for anyone who could reach 2m 29cm and for the three farthes spitters. We were lucky enough to have the newest World Champion Garlic spitter in our group!
 The top three contestants
I am so glad I was able to attend this festival, I have been looking forward to it since before I moved here! Everyone had a wonderful time and we left with stomachs full of beef, smiles on our faces and garlic on our breath.

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