Thursday, October 14, 2010

Aomori Museum of Art: Ghibli Exhibit


I was lucky enough to find out that the Aomori Museum of Art was going to have an exhibit of many sketches by Hayao Miyazaki from Studio Ghibli from the school where I teach English. The secretary from the school gave me two tickets and I couldn’t wait to go. My friend came to visit us and I decided he should come to the exhibit too so I bought him another ticket.
Once we arrived, I found out that my ticket was only for the weekdays and I had come on a Sunday! I had to pay for my ticket after that. :(. One big downside was that we couldn’t take any pictures! I did take a few though, just not of the artwork. We ended up buying an art book at the gift shop which had all of the sketches in there. the cat from Kiki's Delivery Service on one of the elevatorsspirited away elevator My Neighbor Totoro Elevator
I apologize for not having directions. We went there from Seiryu-ji Temple and got lost from directions from a Buddhist monk, who’s English was really good. (Go Figure)
At first I though the exhibit was really small, and not worth the 1100 yen, but then discovered how big it was!  My feet hurt toward the end and it was really crowded! It was the second day of the exhibit and it will end sometime in January. I wanted to visit before it started snowing here! Me on Totoro's tummy
If you are a fan of Ghibli’s work, I recommend going. And if you have never heard of Ghibli, I suggest checking it out!


1. Go forward out the main gate, through the first traffic light.
2. Turn right at the second traffic light to Aomori/Towada.
3. Continue on this street until it becomes a Y-intersection. Turn right.
4. Go forward and cross White Pole Road (one way street going from left to right).
5. Once you pass the traffic light, you are now on Route 8. The blue road sign will read Noheji 33km.
6. Continue forward past Kamikitacho Station
7. Turn left at Highway 394. Circle K will be on your right. The blue road sign will read TOLL ROAD (Mi-chi-no-ku is in Japanese hiragana).
8. You are actually on Highway 173 (I know it’s confusing!). Go over the bridge past Maeda grocery store (red & white swan).
9. Very shortly, look for the blue road sign on your right that reads, Michinoku Toll Road. Turn right.
10. Continue going forward on Michinoku Toll Road, past Circle K and the Route 4 intersection. This is the last convenience store and public bathrooms for another 40km.
11. Continue forward. A blue road sign will note that you are on Highway 242: Aomori 40 km. It may feel longer because of the winding, two-lane road. After three tunnels, there will be a toll gate. Pay ¥830 per car and pass another two tunnels to Aomori City.
12. You are now on Route 123. Do NOT enter Aomori Expressway on your left (unless you are in a hurry to get to the city center faster and want to pay extra yen). Stay on this road until it comes to the Route 44 T-intersection.
13. Detail of sign at traffic light. Aomori City: turn left at the intersection. Asamushi City: turn right at the intersection.
14. Continue on Route 44 until you arrive at the Y-intersection (Shell gas station on the right). Aomori City: turn right on to Route 4. Big Buddha: continue forward on Route 44.
15. There will be another traffic light and Japanese blue road sign. Turn left on Route 4 for Aomori City (turn right for Asamushi City).
16. The road is two lanes and will widen to five lanes. Stay in the center and right lanes for Central Aomori. Get in the left lanes for Route 7 to Aomori Museum of Art, Hirosaki City, and Goshogowara City.

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