Thursday, October 14, 2010

Yasuragisoo Pottery.


This one is for all you artsy folk out there. ^_~  Unbeknownst to many Misawa locals, there is a place to do pottery right outside the base! You can literally see North Base towers from here! Anyway, for 500 yen you get 1kg of clay. (which is a lot). local artist I got 1/2 kg of clay and ended up making 2 cups. They have electric pottery wheels and wheels that you  need to spin with your hand. English speakers beware though, they don’t speak much English and if you decide to make something, you will have to go back several times. I just went back for the second time and I  have to wait until the end of November for it to be fired and to choose a glaze and have it refired. my two cups, waiting to be fired.

In the same “plaza” shall I say? There is a senior club where they play golf and an onsen.Senior club The onsen is the cheapest in Aomori. The going rate is 100 yen! Unbelivable!
You have to bring your own soap and other onsen materials though. There is a restaurant inside and many rooms with tatami mats that you can just go in, rest, read a book, hang out. FOR FREE! Its pretty neat! You can also rent a tatami room AND they have lodging. 
one of the many free tatami rooms

Directions to Yasuragisoo Pottery:

Go out the POL Gate and turn left at the first stoplight.
Follow the road to the 2nd stoplight. There is a Circle-K convenience store on the right at this intersection. Turn left here.
Turn left at the 2nd stoplight. You will be heading directly for the North Area towers.

Travel about 1km on this road and turn right. (sorry, the sign is in Japanese and I don’t know how to write it here. :(  )

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