Thursday, October 21, 2010

Baskin Robbins

Cute pumpkins above the ice cream case.
Now, you are probably wondering why I am bothering  to blog about Baskin Robbins while there are hundreds of stores in the United States. Let me tell you, Baskin Robbins in Japan are simply awesome! I particularly wanted to blog about going today because of the very cute Halloween decorations. (I really love Halloween!)
Also, I’m talking about the Baskin Robbins at the Shimoda (Jusco) mall, not the one on base! When you enter, you are invited by bright fluorescent lights, the shrill childish voices of Japanese women shouting “Irrashaimase!” and pink. My God, so much pink! But it really is awesome and they have the best seasonal flavors!
pink Halloween tree
One other thing they have at this Baskin Robbins that they don’t on base is crepes! They are wonderful! You can even get a “crepe card” and get a free one after so many stamps!
pumpkin witch cute ghost!
Right now when you buy anything from BR, you can pick a scratch ticket. If you are lucky, you get a prize like a pen, bookmark etc. And they are really cute! So, next time you are going to the mall, make sure to stop by Baskin Robbins before you leave!

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