Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Botan Matsuri (Peony Festival) in Nanbu Town




I was very excited to hear that there would be a peony festival near Misawa since it is my favorite flower. I miss the peonies we used to have in our backyard growing up!


The festival is located in Nanbu town (even though ITT said differently). It is held from the end of May to the beginning of June. It is 300 yen to enter and view over 8,000 peonies with over 130 different species.  This festival was much MUCH smaller than the chrysanthemum festival, but I still really enjoyed it.

At the bottom of the hill, they sell different flowers (including peonies that you can plant at home) for very reasonable prices. DSC08126


Directions to Hase Farm Botan Matsuri:

Come out from the main gate and turn right at the second stop light. Follow the road and pass 7 stop lights. You will find Misawa Train station on your left. Here you will be on Route 10. Follow Route 10 (South) and pass the first light (you will see the toll road). At the second light you will turn a slight left. At the fourth light turn right (You will see a Lawson’s).

Stay on Rt. 10 until the Towada by-pass overpass. (Route 4).

Turn right onto the on ramp and then turn right again at the T-intersection. Follow Route 4 (south). At the fork, veer right. (you will see Towada Aeon Shopping Center at the next light).

Continue on Route 4 south. Turn left onto route 224 East.

Follow 224 until the first light. Turn a SHARP RIGHT onto route 134 (South).

Follow Route 134 and turn left at first turn.

Follow this road south until a 4 way intersection and turn left.

take the first left after the intersection and go straight for the park.

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