Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hibiki Restaurant



Hibiki Restaurant is located in Towada near the Jusco Aeon shopping center. I only have partial directions so I will have to update again later.


This  restaurant is actually on a farm. They use their own crops to make the dishes. We went at lunchtime and I believe their menu changes depending on what is available. There were only three or four dishes to choose from and we all chose the same set:


DSC07979 - CopyDSC07977 - Copy

Surprisingly, this was almost entirely vegetarian. (Except for the dish on the lower left, that is tofu and some ham). What this restaurant lacks in variety and taste (It really wasn’t bad, just kind of mediocre) it makes up in atmosphere.



If you are in Towada and looking for a nice place to relax and have a light lunch, try out Hibiki!

Address: 147-89 Takami, Aisaka, Towada City

Closed: Wednesday, New Year Holidays, “Bon” summer Holidays

Website: http://www.nouenhibiki.com/index.html (Japanese version only)

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