Friday, June 17, 2011

Primeiro Melon Pan Shop




You’ve probably seen these delightful confections while at a convenience store or supermarket here in Japan. What is it exactly? It is called Melon Pan (or Melon Bread). Does it have melon filling? no. Does it taste like melon? No. It is called this because of the shape. If you haven’t tried melon pan yet, I recommend it. I would eat it every day if it wouldn’t make me fat!

I often pick these up at Lawson’s or even some fresh ones at Universe but nothing compares to the ones you can get at the Primeiro Melon Pan shop in Towada! (located near Aomori Bank).

It is an extremely small orange building with parking behind it. They have very large, fresh, melon pan (chocolate and plain) and a few other desserts. There are about four seats in there to sit at a bar style  table, but I recommend just ordering you melon pan and going on your way.




- From POL gate, head towards Towada City.
- At the fork, follow the road left.
- After passing the Homac/WonderGoo/Hard-Off Plaza, turn left at the next traffic light.
- Turn right on the fifth traffic light.
*The traffic light near the giant Torii Gate is #2.
- Turn left at the next light. Aomori Bank is at that corner.
- The Melon Pan shop is on the left.
*It shares a parking lot with the Dental Clinic, drive through the alleyway to park.

Primeiro’s  hours are: 10am –7pm
They are closed 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month

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