Friday, June 17, 2011

Risoukyo Flower Farm


Risoukyo is a little hidden gem in Towada. We found out about this place from The Insider newspaper. It is a large Japanese style garden with a waterfall, mill and restaurant. They also have local artisans doing traditional crafts like basket weaving and pottery.





The main attraction this time were these strange vertical flowers called lupis. They come in a variety of colors.


Along with lupis flowers, a few Japanese irises and peonies were in bloom. I really enjoyed the peonies and thought this particular type was more beautiful than the ones at the Peony festival!



It costs 500 yen to enter but we got free tickets for our next trip there. This place is very lovely for a stroll on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Directions to Risoukyo: (taken from little rain drops blog)

You will need to drive about 40 minutes from Misawa through Towada and to the foothills west of Towada.

  • Leave through the POL / Falcon gate. Continue straight as the road continues through many stop lights. It bends to the west as you pass under the expressway. Continue to Towada.
    As you reach Towada, the train line will be on your left. You will pass two schools on your right, separated by a stop light.
  • At the next major stop light, take the right hand Y. You will pass Aomori Bank on the right at a stop light.
  • Continue past two more stop lights.
  • As it seems you are leaving the city, you will pass another school on the right, set back a few blocks. There will be a stop light with no buildings nearby.
  • After this stoplight, the road bends slightly to the left. At the next intersection, turn right.
  • You will begin picking up signs to the Horse Park. Continue straight. Do not turn left to the Horse Museum. You will continue straight for about a half mile. Look for a road that angles to the right. There will be a sign with an iris on it. Shortly after this turn, look for a thatched roof building. there are two turn-ins to the parking lot

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