Sunday, September 25, 2011

Asamushi Aquarium



Asamushi  Aquarium is located in Asamushi right outside of Aomori city. Outside of the museum there is a small pool with a blue chain-link fence (you can see it in the picture above under the yellow sign that says Asamushi Aquarium) and inside are a few large sea turtles!

Within the aquarium they have a gift shop, a restaurant, a large marine tunnel tank, exhibits fo cold sea and warm sea marine life, marine animals, a rainforest corner, a touching corner where children can hold sea stars and shellfish, and showroom for the dolphins and a room where they feed the dolphins.

We were lucky enough to be there in time for not only the dolphin show but the feeding of the otters, dolphins, sea lions, and penguins!


Click on the album to see some of the best shots from the Aquarium!


Hours:  0900-1700(Entrance is closed 30 minutes prior to closing) Open throughout the year including New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day

Free Parking

Tickets can be purchased at the machine

Admission costs:

¥1,000 for adults and high school students

¥500 for elementary and jr. high school students

Free for children under 7

Dolphin Shows

Weekdays                  Weekends and National Holidays

1000                                                  1000

1130                                                   1130

1330                                                  1300

1530                                                  1430



Directions (Toll Road)

Go out the main gate, turn right at the second traffic light.

Turn right onto green pole road by Nagasakiya Department Store.

Turn left at the next traffic light, route 8

Follow route 8 for 17.4 km to the traffic light, turn left.

Proceed over the bridge and up the road for .7 km, turn right.

Continue straight on this road, at 5.7 km you will cross route 4. In 20 km

you come upon the toll gate. The rest area is just before the toll gate.

After the toll gate begins route 123. In 10 km route 123 ends in a t-intersection.

Turn right at the t-intersection.

At the third traffic light will be route 4, turn right.

Proceed 7 km on route 4, turn right, across from the amusement park.

Follow this road to the left and then back around to the right for .7 km.

the aquarium will be on the left. Parking is free in the lot on the right. Just proceed forward and around the corner to the right to enter the parking lot.

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