Sunday, September 25, 2011






After visiting Asamushi Aquarium and Aomori Art Museum we were pretty famished so we looked for a place to eat and Hachi-ya (literally 8 shop) looked good, and it was!DSC_2346DSC_2352

This place is great for non-native speakers because they have a picture of every menu item and then you just use the vending machine to buy the ticket for your order.


You can sit at the bar, at a table or take your shoes off and try it Japanese stlye! And if you’re bored, they have an entire library of mangas to look through!

DSC_2349DSC_2348DSC_2355 In addition to ramen, they have three different rice bowls (I think it is more of a side order/ appetizer but I’m sure 2 of them could count as a meal) which are ¥250 each)

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