Sunday, September 4, 2011

Soba Dokoro Takahashi


Soba Dokoro Takahashi

Soba Dokoro Takahashi is a little hidden soba shop in Oirase Town. The owners also own a farm so the shop is only open four hours during the day.

cooking in the kitchen

The menu consists only of cold noodle soba but they have four different types. For each dish you can choose small, medium, or large. Their menu is posted on the wall but there are only two pictures to point to so we got one of each of those dishes.

a regular soba that you "dip"This first dish is very basic. You pour the soba sauce in the bowl and dip it and then eat it. It came with cooked squash (extremely good) and some vegetables.

radish soba This dish had more of a “kick” to it. The white vegetable you see there is radish. Not sure about the greens. Here, you pour the sauce over the soba a little bit at a time. (Yes, the owner was nice enough to show me).

After our meal, a square “teapot” looking thing was brought over to us. Naturally I thought it was tea, or soup. I tried it and it just tasted like hot water. I heard a lot of giggling from the kitchen and the owner came over and swirled the teapot a bit, poured the water in the cup and put some soy sauce in it. It was a light soup.

For dessert they brought us some sponge cake. It was really bouncy and not very sweet. I thought it was wonderful.

I really enjoyed this restaurant. Not only was the soba delicious and refreshing to eat on a hot and humid day, but the owners were so kind to this stupid foreigner.

Directions:  From P.O.L Gate:
- Follow the road towards Towada City.
- After passing the toll road on ramp, take left at the next traffic light.
*You will see a sign for Ho-Oh and Universe on your left. Shanghai Ryu is at that corner.
- Follow the road, stay to the right at the fork, and go over the train tracks.
- Dokoro Takahashi will be on the left.

Hours: 11:00-15:00

Closed Wednesdays and the fourth Thursday of every month

phone number: 090-4888-2383

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