Saturday, September 10, 2011

Chuu ka tetsu

chuu ka tetsu
We found Chuu Ka Tetsu while looking through the latest edition of Amuse magazine. Amuse can be found at most restaurants in the local area as well as book and convenience stores. Located in Hachinohe, this wooden lodge hosts some of the hottest and greatest home-made tasting food around!
The owner is also from Misawa! This restaurant does not have an English menu, so if you can’t read Japanese please bring a native friend, or choose the bowl from the picture (what I did, it’s the picture from the magazine).
Here is what I ordered and it was absolutely delicious. The soup was thicker and the noodles had a very homemade taste. It was rather hot that day but I think this dish would be perfect for one of those cold snowy days in Aomori!
Here is another set which is a Chinese dish called Ma Po Tofu. Tofu with ground pork in a slightly spicy/savory sauce over white rice. It was also quite good.
I’m not sure what else is on the menu, I need to bring a Japanese friend or brush up on my Kana.
If you have the opportunity, please try Chuu ka tetsu, the food is great and staff is very friendly!

- Head towards Hachinohe via Rt. 45.
- Turn left at "Sega World" Intersection.
- At the second traffic light, turn right.  You should be going away from the Pia Do sign.
- After the fifth traffic light.  The restaurant will be on the left.
  *Note: It is across from a pachinko parlor.  Parking is very limited.

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