Saturday, January 15, 2011

American Sweets Event with Aomori Bank



Since I work at the Misawa International Center I was asked if I like to cook. I said yes and talked about my in-home business "Kawaii Keki". I was informed that the folks at Aomori Bank wanted to do an event which involved learning how to make American sweets. I agreed to do it.


After some planning I decided to do a class on baking cupcakes. I figured we would have enough time to make a batch of vanilla, a batch of chocolate and buttercream icing (all from scratch, of course!). Before we began, it was brought to my attention that the ovens were really small and the cupcake pans may not fit inside! Luckily, at least one fit! I then decided to scrap the chocolate cupcake idea and only make vanilla.



We had some technical difficulties with the oven. The timer refused to work, it didn’t stay hot and we had to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius. Finally, someone found the manual and all was well with the world. We made two batches using the same pan.



Despite my worries, the cupcakes came out splendidly and everyone had a great time decorating. Take a look!

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