Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bikkuri Donki

Bikkuri Donkey (translated: Surprised Donkey) is a chain restaurant similar to Coco’s. If you like Western themed restaurants with nostalgic stuff on the walls, have a hankering for a ground beef plate and only want to listen to The Beatles while eating, this place is for you.
DSC06360 DSC06363DSC06364
Like I said, the food at Bikkuri Donki is similar to Coco’s. I think the price of the food is slightly better. I ended up getting spicy fried chicken and French fries. Many of my friends got desserts. (they looked delicious!)
DSC06368 DSC06365DSC06366
This particular Bikkuri Donki was in Hachinohe. I apologize for not having directions, I will update in the future.

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