Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cake House Shiroi Mori



Cake House Shiroi Mori (literally, white forest) is a cute café in Misawa that resembles a log cabin. There are seats in a closed off patio area for warmer months where you can enjoy some soft serve ice cream. When you walk in, you need to order your coffee, dessert, and/or food first before sitting down in either their café area (which has nice plump green sofas) or in the patio. I do not have their full menu of food, I have had their pizza before (Japanese style pizza… a little on the sweeter side). I think they offer sandwiches during the day as well.

168693_1790611567769_1314019772_2010782_6668437_n The first thing you will notice as soon as you walk in is the dessert case. cake slices are between 250 to over 300 yen. If you decide to order hot tea, please know that you will get an entire pot for about 460 yen, so you might as well split it!






If you would like to try Cake House Shiroi Mori you can get there by taking the POL gate go straight through the Nogawa intersection, past Netz Toyota. After Netz Toyota you will come to a stoplight, go straight. The road will split stay to the right. The Cake House will be 1 km down the hill. (Thanks Misawa Life!)

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