Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Café シ ェモア

Café シ ェモア (Also called Chez Moi which means ‘My Home’ in English) is a sweet little spot in a heavily residential area . I don’t have a good picture of the outside of the café because it was very dark outside when we visited. chezmoimisawa1
Chez Moi has a small and cozy atmosphere and is very welcoming. They offer lunch plates, ice cream parfaits, coffee and tea. You can also reserve a party room.
chezmoimisawa2When you first walk in there is a wood stove with teapots on top of it. It makes the café seem really homey. chezmoioven The café is also children friendly, there is a corner sectioned off  with toys for children to play. (Please make sure they take off their shoes before going in).
We went for coffee and ice cream. The coffee is maple coffee and the ice cream pictured is matcha with a little bit of adzuki bean paste. I thought it was wonderful! they also had cornflakes at the bottom of the bowl. maplecoffeechezmoiaisucreamuchezmoi
Café  シ ェモア is located in Oirase Town toward Michinoku Toll Road exit from the POL gate. You will see the small signs right after the Jam Friend Club pachinko or right before the “Dynam” pachinko near Circle K. It is built in a quiet residential area, section H, behind a small wooded area.
If you would like to see more pictures of the café and items from their menu visit :
Cafe シェモア
OPEN: 9:00 till 19:00
(Last order by 18:30)

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