Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tony Roma’s



If you are an American living in Misawa chances are you have heard that there is a Tony Roma’s restaurant in Aomori. ITT even offers a tour where you will stop and have lunch at Tony Roma’s. Now, I have never been to nor heard of Tony Roma’s while I was living in the states but everyone here really raves about it.

What I was really surprised about is that it is inside a hotel! (I believe it was called Richmond hotel). I was really just imagining it as a free standing restaurant. Anyway, the other restaurants surrounding Tony Roma’s looked great too!


The atmosphere was definitely not what I was expecting. I thought it looked pretty swanky with its low lighting, dark furniture and black and white photos from the original Tony Roma’s.

Now let me get to the important part, the food! I had the onion loaf and flame grilled strip with garlic green beans. I liked the onion loaf starter. My meal was pretty good too. The steak was 220g and really thin. I ordered it medium rare and it came well done, but that was the only problem. It came with some kind of soy sauce mixture which I really liked. The garlic green beans were great too. The meal also came with a tiny side of cole slaw. I really liked it and I usually don’t even touch cole slaw!


I also got to try the ribs and grilled swordfish. I wasn’t overly impressed with the ribs but the swordfish was nice and juicy. The side was garlic rice and it was delicious!


Here is the complete current menu from Tony Roma’s. I think if you are already in Aomori doing something else you should try it out. I thought it was  a little bit expensive, but I did enjoy my meal.



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